Since two weeks, the frequenting of my blog have increased with more than 150 visitors per day (americans and britans), thanks :)

In 2015, Aube (in Champagne) celebrates the 900th anniversary of the foundation of Clairvaux's abbey. This week our city will be live an cistercian hour with the international colloque, (in Troyes and Clairvaux site)(program here). I added the link for it (In the right column of my blog). Last Saturday I visited this gigantic exhibition in Troyes. The museography is well (New technologies, colors, entirely  translated in English ...) The Web site is up to the event. Free entrance, closed mondays. I bought the books, they are cheap and chic. 

Take a pullover to visit :(

Pour les prochaines expos, pensez à mettre quelques dates écrites sur le film :(  car pour les visiteurs étrangers c'est peu parlant.